Now the premises in the name of Silver Residency Heritage was an ancient Tharavadu Home of Parathattil Mundan situated at the 14th K.M in the Thrissur Vadanappally State Highway and at the western bank of Manakody lake and eastern side of Kanjany Centre. It is said that the forefathers of the Mundan were the rulers of this place. The Silver Residency Heritage is the modernized, centuries old ancient Tharavadu house and side houses. Parathattil Mundan was a landlord, prominent personality, Judge of the Village Court having voting right. Sankaran who is the brother of the Parathattil Mundan and his family were lived there last. This property was sold, because there was no heirs. The Silver Residency is now famous in and around thrissur. All are liking of such an ancient and a modern attractive premises with that much of area and convenience. Since thirteen years ago, this historical property was developed by  Sri.George.