Nearby Attractions

State Museum


16 kms

Thrissur Zoo or State Museum & Zoo,Thrissur (formerly the Trichur Zoo) is a 13.5-acre(5.5 ha) zoo that opened in 1885 in the heart of Thrissur City, Kerala, India. It is one of the oldest zoos in the country.

The Elephant Camp


20 kms

The Elephant Camp is located in Punnathur Kotta. This Elephant Camp is one of its kinds in the world and is considered to be one of the largest elephant sanctuaries housing around 60 elephants.

Athirappilly Falls


69 kms

Athirappilly Falls is situated in Athirappilly panchayath in Thrissur district of Kerala, on the southwest coast of India. Located on the west-flowing Chalakudy River near the Vazhachal Forest.

Dream World


47 kms

Dream World is one famous amusement park in Kerala. It is located in Chalakudy which is very close to Athirappilly waterfall. It was constructed in a unique style. People of all ages can visit this place and enjoy.



17 kms

This hillock has been converted by the Tourism Department as an amusement park. This is a beautiful hill which is a good picnic spot. The Children’s Park on this beautiful hillside picnic spot offers amusement rides.

Silver Storm Amusement Park


58 kms

Silver Storm water theme park is an exciting and fun filled thrilling water park in Kerala. It is situated in Vettilapara in Thrissur district. It was started with the help of Kerala state Industrial Corporation Ltd.

Vazhani Dam


35 kms

Vazhani, one of the biggest clay dams in Kerala with a length of 792.48 metres. This water is used mainly for irrigation and drinking purposes. This project in Thrissur district envisages construction of an earth dam built.

Chimmini Dam


50 kms

The dense tropical forests of Chimmini, shelter diverse flora and fauna. The dam across the Chimmini river offers a breathtaking view. This picturesque picnic spot is a favourite haunt of the local people. Located in the Mukundapuram Taluk.

Peechi Dam


35 kms

The dam was started as an irrigation project for the surrounding villages in Thrissur. At the same time, it catered the drinking water needs of the population of Thrissur City. It serves as an irrigation dam.

Snehatheeram Beach


10 kms

Snehatheeram, means ‘Love Shore’, is 3 km away from Thalikkulam. A wonderful place to spend a day or evening with family.This beach, is maintained by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala.

Chavakkad Beach


20 kms

Chavakkad Beach, lying on the coast of Arabian Sea. one of the best beaches along the West coast with coconut bordered sea-shore is a pleasing view of rare natural beauty entice and attract thousands of tourists.

Vadakunnathan Temple


13 kms

Largest and ancient Shiva temples in Kerala and India. is a classic example of the Kerala style of architecture. Vadakunnathan temple is a massive stone wall enclosing an area of nearly 9 acres(36,000m2).

Lourdes Cathedral


15 kms

Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours which is popularly called as New Church or Puthanpalli is the biggest and the tallest church in Asia. The 2 front towers of the church have a height of 146 feet.

Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple


17 kms

Guruvayur Sree Krishna temple is located in Guruvayur and is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the Lord here is lovingly called as Guruvayoorappan. It is so popular that people from all parts of India visit this temple.

Cheraman Juma Masjid


37 kms

Cheraman Juma Masjid which is India’s first Masjid was constructed in the year 628. Renovations have been made to the mosque several times with the last one in 1974.

Archaeological Museum


15 kms

The Archaeological Museum was until recently accommodated in the Kollengode Palace building. Now it has been shifted to the Shakthan Thampuran Palace, a landmark in the annals of the Perumpadappu Swaroopam, the former ruling dynasty of Kochi.